Friday, 16 January 2009

Sir John Mortimer (1923 - 2009)

Today is a sombre day. Sir John Mortimer has passed away. Not only will we remember him for creating memorable characters and a true legend in the form of Rumpole of the Old Bailey, but he converted Brideshead Revisited into the ITV television classic. There have been few writers over the past fifty years that have displayed his erudition and ready wit. More astounding perhaps, has been his ability to write in many forms, from the novel, to television and to several notable stage productions. Amazingly, he managed to maintain an impressive career as a barrister at the same time. The height of which was his defense of Oz magazine against charges of obscenity in 1971. Sir John, you have given us hours of entertainment, hundreds of memorable quotes, and characters that walk with us in day to day life. You shall be missed.

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